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DeKalb County Tours: Opera Houses

DeKalb-County-Tours-and-Spots-Opera-Houses-1Download DeKalb-County-Tours-and-Spots-Opera-Houses-2Download Even small towns like Kirkland, Malta and Sandwich were known in the late 1800’s to contain a building, usually downtown, known as an Opera House. Opera Houses were different from theaters, as they were then known, in that theaters were ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Train Depots

DeKalb-County-Tours-and-Spots-Train-DepotsDownload Chicago and Northwestern/ Union Pacific Railroad Depot | Designed in 1890, opened for use in 1891. Designed in Romanesque Revival style architecture by Charles Sumner Frost of the Firm Frost and Granger, the official architects of the railroad under President ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Forest Preserves and Parks

DeKalb-County-Tours-and-Spots-Forest-Preserves-and-ParksDownload Parks Franklin Township Park | Located one block south of Route 72, on Third Street in Kirkland. Focal point of the park is the Northern Illinois Veterans Memorial. The effort to bring the memorial about began in 1989 and cost $300,000 ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Historic Hospitals

DeKalb-County-Spots-and-Tours-HospitalsDownload Sycamore Westgate Building/Sycamore Hospital | 1899/1900 – 215 West Elm Street – Built for Dr. Letitia A. Westgate, Sycamore. Dr. Westgate was the county’s first female doctor, who settled here in 1892. Intended to cost $10,000, the final cost reached $25,000. ...

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Self-Guided Walking Tour: Huntley Park Historic District and Vicinity

Self-Guided-walking-tour-3Download South Second and South Third Streets south of Franklin, to where the brick pavement ends on each, were designated a local historic district by the City of DeKalb in the early 1980s. Some of the places of special significance include: 320 ...

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Self-Guided Walking Tour: North First to North Fourth

Self-Guided-walking-tour-2Download Self-Guided Walking Tour #2 - North First to North Fourth 220 North Third - 1910 Dance studio Just for Kix is located in the former Christian Science Church. The columned portico and steeple are later additions to the structure. 309 Oak – 1930/1931DeKalb ...

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Self-Guided Walking Tour: College and Augusta Avenues

Self-Guided-walking-tour-4Download College and Augusta Avenues comprise a large portion of the locally designed Ellwood Historic Neighborhood. The area began developing with the opening of Northern Illinois State Normal School (NIU) in the fall of 1899. By the early 1920s, College, Augusta, ...

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