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Library Partnerships

The library is proud to have formed many partnerships with community non-profits, clubs, businesses, and other organizations. Collaboration between the library and other community entities benefits all involved. There are many opportunities for organizations to provide programs, enhance services, and support the library’s mission. In turn, library partners are offered many benefits in return for their collaboration.

Becoming a Library Partner

To become a library partner, organizations can do any one or combination of the following:                                             

  • Provide programs, classes, or other events to patrons at no cost to the library
  • Donate materials, services, or time to the library
  • Promote the library by posting library information in a newsletter or on a website for no charge
  • Volunteer to assist with events at the library

Opportunities for Library Partners

At the library, we are always looking to expand our partnerships with other community groups and organizations. Library partners have the opportunity to:

  • Host a booth during a large library event to distribute literature, provide free giveaways, or disseminate information about their organization to patrons.
  • Post flyers on the library Community Boards in collaboration with library’s Public Relations department. Please keep in mind that non-profit entities are ALWAYS welcome to post flyers in this location, whether they are library partners or not.
  • Advertise in various locations at the library and/or on library promotional materials in collaboration with the Public Relations department.

To become a library partner, or to take advantage of these opportunities as a library partner, please contact the Public Relations department at [email protected].

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