Strategic Plan


Enrich, Inform, Entertain, Inspire.

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Encourage lifelong learning

  • Provide early learning experiences for young children
  • Strengthen the library’s contribution to formal education in DeKalb
  • Support personal growth and lifelong learning

Make the library accessible to all

  • Provide full access to library experiences for people of different abillities
  • Make resources more accessible

Be an excellent place to visit and work

  • Provide a welcoming environment
  • Steward resources effectively
  • Support library staff


Make library services known

  • Inform DeKalb’s diverse population of what the library has to offer
  • Illuminate hidden resources

Support workforce development

  • Support Dekalb businesses and non-profits
  • Help prepare residents for successful employment
  • Expand the library’s role in digital fluency

Foster civic engagement

  • Create opportunities for people to become informed and engaged on important issues
  • Be a source for goverment resources



    Offer programs that delight

    • Be DeKalb’s source for free informal instruction and programs
    • Embrace the library’s role as a cultural center in DeKalb
    • Bring library programs to other locations 

    Build a community of readers 

    • Maintain a diverse and accessible collection 
    • Celebrate reading and writing


    Foster creativity and innovation 

    • Position the library as a learning lab for creativity
    • Embrace a library culture of innovation 

    Utilize community expertise

    • Create local partnerships  
    • Showcase community talent 
    • Engage volunteers 

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