April Fools day is a fun and playful day that happens on April 1st.

Although the origins of this holiday aren’t clear, it has been celebrated around the world. On this day, people play innocent jokes, pranks, or hoaxes on others and it is usually followed by saying “April Fools!” to the recipient of the prank.

Some of the countries that participate in April Fools’ day are Armenia, Germany, Iran, and many others! There are also places that celebrate something similar to April Fool’s day, but it goes by a different name. For example, in Mexico, Spain, and many other Spanish speaking countries, ‘Día de los inocentes’ is celebrated instead of April Fool’s day? Día de los inocentes is celebrated in late December (on the 27, 28, or 29 depending on the location), and the prankster usually says “Inocente!” after doing the prank.

Here are some funny pranks that have been done by others!

April Fool’s day is a lot of fun, but always remember to be kind!

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