As you may have heard, on April 8th 2024 we will be able to witness a total solar eclipse!

But what exactly is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is an event that happens when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. This causes the sun’s light to be entirely covered by the moon and this causes the world to be completely dark for a few minutes (but that’s only if you are in the path of totality.)

If you want to see the eclipse happening on April 8th, the path of totality will be crossing through Carbondale, Illinois! But be sure to take safety precautions, never look at the eclipse without the use of special glasses.
Click here for a list of safety recommendations from NASA.

Celebrate the eclipse with us by attending the “Solar Eclipse Chalk Art” or the “Who Turned Out the Lights? Preparing for the Eclipse” events here at the DKPL.

If you want to read more about eclipses and some stories, check out some of these books:



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