‘Tis the season for winter reading! Get ready to cozy up with books that will take you on an incredible journey through “Where We Come From”, because from December 7 to January 8, it’s game time! Kids, this is not your average bingo challenge—it is a quest to explore family tales, history lessons, and stories that celebrate your identity. Swing by the Children’s Reference Desk to snag your Bingo card! Not around? No worries! Download the pdf below to print at home or join the fun online via beanstack.

How It Works

Ready to score a Bingo? Complete any row, column, or diagonal on your card to bag a sweet, sugary prize—yep, you guessed it, a candy cane treat! But don’t dilly-dally! Hand in your completed Bingo card to the Children’s Reference Desk by January 8, 2024 to claim your well-deserved reward!

This year, there are two bingo cards tailored for different age groups: one for toddlers and children up to second grade, and another for children in third through fifth grade. Make sure you pick the one that fits your age!

Pssst! The creative geniuses behind the “Where We Come From” reading challenge are actually the same fantastic quartet of authors and incredible illustrator who brought you the book of the same name! Teaming up with beanstack, they have cooked up mesmerizing activities and artwork just for you! To learn more about this book, visit the publisher’s website. You can also reserve your copy at the library to experience the magic firsthand.

Toddler – 2nd Grade Bingo Card

3rd – 5th Grade Bingo Card



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