Township to Cover Library Card Costs for Non-residents

Dec 11, 2021 | Adults, News, Seniors

An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the DeKalb Public Library and the Township of DeKalb will allow eligible residents of unincorporated DeKalb Township to register for a free library card. Instead of charging unincorporated patrons for a nonresident card, the library will charge the Township when cards of this nature are issued.

In short, this means that residents of unincorporated DeKalb can now get a free library card that allows them access to the Library’s expansive resources and materials. The Library has over 100,000 books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks, with access to many more through the Inter-Library Loan system.

Unincorporated residents will bear the financial responsibility for lost and damaged items. They will follow the same rules as all other patrons as pertains to their library card.

Only those residents of the Township who live in unincorporated areas of the Township and are not already otherwise eligible to receive a library card from the Library, or from any other public library, are eligible to receive a Nonresident Library Card under this Agreement. To register for a Library card, patrons must visit the library with a photo ID and proof of residency at an unincorporated DeKalb address (lease, utility bill, piece of mail, etc.).

Remember, you do not need to have a Library card to participate in our events, workshops, and classes!



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