The Children’s Department Wraps Up a Fun September

Oct 3, 2020 | Art and Crafts, Kids, Library & Family Fun, News, STEAM Adventures

Despite our current pandemic situation, the Children’s Department has still been able to provide our area’s children and families with some fun activities to keep them safe, busy, and learning all month long. Between story times, virtual crafts and Legos, and some in-person STEM programming, we have had something for everyone!

Our crafting programs are now in full gear. If you go to our Youtube page, you will find the September crochet videos that were published. If you want a safe place for your children to watch live-streamed crafts, head on over to DKPL’s Crafty Corner to request admittance. Children are welcome to post their art, watch craft videos, and ask craft-related questions. Here are some of the crafts that we have done this month:

We also did more in-person programming this month! To make this successful and keep everyone safe, we made sure that people were spaced far enough apart and that people had masks. These precautions allowed us to hold Story Times at the park, and Lego Picnic, Family Fun Science, and Chalk the Walk on the library’s patio. And what fun we had!

Let’s take a look at what we built with Legos…

So much fun was had when we built boats with aluminum foil, floated them in big tubs of water, and then filled them with rocks to see how much weight they could hold…

Finally, we had three days of chalk drawing on the library’s front walk. The goal was to fill the sidewalk with book-related artwork, and we definitely accomplished that goal! Take a look at what our talented patrons created…

Clearly, we all had a great time, but we are hoping to have even more fun in October! If you are interested in joining us at any of our programs, feel free to peruse our calendar for upcoming events that would be perfect for you and your family. We will have more crafts, a geocaching event, Legos, tons of story times… and that’s just some of what we have planned. We hope you can join us in October!



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