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Today the library is open from: 9am-9pm


Resources for At-Home Learning

The DeKalb Public Library has compiled a list of free resources for parents (and others!) who need ideas for engaging activities while practicing social distancing.  Some require a DeKalb Public Library card, but many are available for anyone.  This list ...

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Around Town Scavenger Hunt

It’s Showtime At Your Library! Join the DeKalb Public Library for spectacular events, fun activities, and, of course, lots of good reading! This summer, a NEW addition to our programs is the Around Town Scavenger Hunt. Each week, the library will ...

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Paint-a-Plug Contest

Patrons of DeKalb Public Library have the opportunity to be the first to engage in a brand new Paint-a-Plug Program to turn DeKalb’s fire hydrants into works of art. Artists are encouraged to incorporate different elements of the community or ...

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8 Countries in 1 Day

The DeKalb Public Library hosts an annual event titled “8 Countries in 1 Day” with funds from the Brian D. Slavenas Center of Cross-Cultural Understanding. This event is entirely FREE and open to all members of the public. It provides ...

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading begins at the DeKalb Public Library on Monday, June 4 and runs through August 4. Summer Reading is for all ages, with a children, teen, and adult reading logs and prizes for each age level. Children’s reading clubs are ...

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