It’s not too late to join the Great DeKalbian Nailed It Bake-Off. Every other week there will be a challenge. Try your best to nail the recipe and the decorating. Here’s more information about the program.

  1. Film your amazing baking process and Taster Reaction Video using your mobile devices or cameras!
  2. Edit your video using any video editor you prefer. Some recommended free ones include: Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Magisto, Wondershare Filmora/ Filmora Go App
  3. Upload your complete edited video to your personal YouTube account
  4. Email your YouTube video link to [email protected]
  5. Enjoy your baked good! You deserve it!

This program will go through the end of October. At the end, the baker with the most points wins a special prize.

The rules are as follows:

  • Bakers must be 18+, if a family wishes to compete as a whole that is fine, there just needs to be at least one adult to supervise.
  • The Videos must be uploaded to the baker’s personal YouTube Account and links shared with host email ([email protected])
  • Videos should be at most PG-13 in nature.
  • The video must include a minimum of: baker making the baked good, someone tasting and describing the taste of the baked good. Bakers are encouraged to be creative and add fun bits like reacting to challenge, mistakes made, having fun with the challenge, etc. if they would like.
  • The judge/host will be objective in scoring and giving points and post the results video by the indicated due date, barring technical difficulties.
  • The Baker does not have to follow the exact recipe given at the challenge and can edit it as necessary to accommodate for food allergies and preferences.
  • It is okay if the final product looks different from the model picture given. Our hosts will probably look different from it as well. While there is a judging category of accuracy, there also are ones for creativity and effort to balance it out.
  • Late videos will not be judged for points. Make sure to have your link sent to the host by the midnight of the due date.
  • You may use a friend/family member as a baking assistant or sign up as a team! The more the merrier!
  • Have fun!

Ready for the first challenge?

Have questions? Need more direction? Contact Rachel at [email protected] or (815) 756-9568 ext. 2150.

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