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STEM Kit: Design & Drill

Sep 7, 2021 | Educational Connections, Kids, STEAM Adventures

We have another new STEM Kit ready for check out! This one is the perfect blend of fun and learning for all of those kids that like tools.

Our Design & Drill kit contains:

  • Work board, 100 bolts, drill with bits, wrench, and screwdriver
  • 19 activity cards
  • What Can You Do With a Toolbox? book
  • Match book

Children use the included drill to put different colors bolts into the work board. Not only can they turn the drill on and off (sometimes that’s half the fun), they can choose what colors of bits to put in the work board and what pattern or design. There are 19 suggested patterns or designs for inspiration, but it’s also great to just let kids play around.

Here are my kids just playing around:

Here is one of the activity cards, so you get an idea of the kind of thing you can build:

The books included are very different from each other, and that was on purpose. This kit deals with many different STEM skills, including matching and tools. This first book, What Can You Do With A Toolbox?, is about different kinds of tools that people use to build. The second book, Match, is about identifying things that look the same. Matching is a big skill in this STEM kit, and it would be a good conversation to have with a child while they are doing this work. For example, you might say, “I see there are three green dots on the bottom of this card. Where do you think three green bolts might go on the work board?”

This kit is available in the Youth Services department in the STEM kit area (it’s in the northwest corner of the floor, between the J Fiction and the Story & Activity Room). It checks out for 3 weeks.

Questions? Email Laura at [email protected].



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