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Below is a BUTTON with the link to the Dystopian list of books featured in the pictures. On that list there are more links to order the Print book, an E-book, and/or an Audio to download the book/s. Each ...

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2022 Illinois Lincoln Award Nominees

The BUTTON below is the link to the 2022 Illinois Lincoln Award Nominees. Within the link below are links to ordering the physical, audio and e-book. Also below are pictures of the books of the Nominees. 2022 Illinois Lincoln ...

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Wonder Women and Girls

Below are several selections about Wonder Women and Wonder Girls that you may enjoy reading from Teen Sci Fi/Fantasy Fiction, Teen Superhero Fiction, Teen Historical Fiction and Teen Contemporary Fiction. Just click on the Bibliography button below to find these books, ...

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2021 Teens’ Top Ten Nominee List

Below are pictures of the 2021 Teens' Top Ten Nominee List. Click the BUTTON you will go to the actual list with links to request the book in print, e-book and or audio book. Link to 2021 Teens' Top Ten Nominee List

African American History Month for Teens

Do you want to read some exciting books for teens that are written and feature African Americans? The selection below has something for everyone, including nonfiction, historical fiction, graphic novels and contemporary fiction. Bibliography

Anti-Racism Resources for All Ages

Books for Children (Fiction): Blended by Sharon M. Draper - J DRA From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks - J MAR; Overdrive ebook, Hoopla ebook, and Hoopla e-audiobook A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramée – J RAM; ...

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