Miss Julie here, to tell you about another fun book we just received: Scientists Get Dressed, written by Deborah Lee Rose and published by Persnickety Press.  If you have ever wondered what kind of specialized equipment and clothes scientists need to do their jobs, this book will give you some answers.  White lab coats are great, especially ones that have huge pockets to carry all kinds of things, but they generally do not belong in the field where things can get really messy or dangerous.  For instance, take a look at this cool fold-out section of the book:  

So clearly, there are no lab coats in space! However, there are in neuroanatomy, and quite frankly, this has to be the best photo I’ve ever seen in a children’s book:

This book is great fun, and while it can be used as a read aloud book, it would work just fine a a quiet solo read, too.

Just for some extra fun, I asked Miss Amanda from the Children’s Department to share some of her photos and videos from when she was doing research in Kenya, Madagascar, and Panama. I hope you enjoy these pictures and videos of scientists at work!

Miss Amanda snorkeling in Panama.

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