How to Crochet in the Round, Part II

Oct 22, 2020 | Adults, Art and Crafts, Kids, Making and Crafting, Making and Crafting, News, Seniors

Hello, my crochet-loving friends! Miss Julie here to bring you the second part of our tutorial to teach you how to make the ball that is pictured in our featured image. This project can be found in full at the Next To Nicx website, but I am breaking it down for you here so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Today, we will pick up where we left off last time, when we ended by slip-stitching the first round of single crochet together. We will once again be increasing our stitch count, this time from 20 single crochet stitches to 30 double crochet stitches. Here’s the steps for today, starting after that slip-stitch:

  • chain two
  • into the first stitch, place one double crochet stitch
  • into the second stitch, place two double crochet stitches
  • continue in this 1-2 pattern until you have 30 double crochet stitches

If you are ready to begin the next round, then here’s today’s video:

Happy crafting, everyone! As always, if you run into any issues, feel free to email me at [email protected] to send me any questions or concerns. If you would like to show me your finished work, you can email me a picture, or post one in our Facebook page over at DKPL’s Crafty Corner. Happy crafting, everyone!



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