STEM Kit: Code & Go Robot Mouse

Sep 29, 2021 | Educational Connections, Kids, STEAM Adventures

Coding doesn’t need to begin on a computer! Children as young as 4 can begin to learn coding skills with the Code & Go Robot Mouse.

The Code & Go Robot Mouse Kit contains:

Contents of the STEM kit

My own kids have LOVED Colby, the mouse included in the kit. They set up the green square pieces into a flat area for Colby, and set the cheese on one of the squares. The challenge is to program Colby to go and get the cheese! Colby may need to go Right-Straight-Right-Straight-Straight or Backwards-Left-Straight-Straight to get the cheese, and the kids press buttons on Colby to program him.

Colby, the programmable mouse

This teaches children the same skills they need to begin coding: they learn to give instructions in a sequential order.

Not sure where to start? The kit contains 20 challenges, and number 1 is a good, easy beginning. There is also an instruction book included. In my experience, it’s just the right amount of challenge for young kids. It makes them learn, but it’s not so overwhelming they give up.

Challenge cards

There are also small cards with actions on them (Straight, Right, Left, Backwards, and Lightning) that children can use to help them plan out their code. This is especially useful when children are younger (4 and 5) and can’t plan ahead as well in their heads.

Coding cards to help children plan out their instructions to Colby

Colby has been fun for my children for years, from 4 years old until 8 (so far). I bet your 4-10 year old children would enjoy it as well.

Library staff children love Colby!

There are also two books included in the kit, My First Coding Book and How To Code a Sandcastle. These books are great for helping to build on early coding concepts, like planning your actions in order.

This kit is available in the Youth Services department in the STEM kit area (it’s in the northwest corner of the floor, between the J Fiction and the Story & Activity Room). It checks out for 3 weeks.

Questions? Email Laura at [email protected].



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