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New Book Arrival: Dad Jokes for Kids, by Jimmy Niro

August 7th, 2020
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Q:  Why didn’t the dragon eat the clown? 

A: He thought it would taste funny!

Jimmy Niro

Hello everyone!  Miss Julie here with another new book to tell you about, and this time, it is full of silly fun.  If you are into corny dad-jokes, then check out, Dad Jokes for Kids by Jimmy Niro.  My kids have read just about every joke book in existence, so I know they can run the gamut from completely hilarious to pretty bad.  This one, however, actually has some clever jokes within its pages.  Like, “What was the first animal in space?  The cow that jumped over the moon!”  Personally, I’m going to have to remember that one.  There are a few groaners, but if you want some new jokes in your repertoire, you won’t have to read far to find something good.   And just to get you in the mood for some dad jokes, here’s a video of my husband and kids doing their best “dad joke” repertoire… 

George Jaros and kids giving you a glimpse of our everyday life.

One final joke from the book before we go…

“Q:  Dad, why do cows wear cowbells? 

A: Their horns must not work.” 

Jimmy Niro