Need a New Car?

Sep 25, 2020 | Adults, News, Personal Enrichment

Are you in the market for a new car but overwhelmed by all the makes and models? Not sure which vehicles are the most reliable or get the best gas mileage?

The library subscribes to Consumer Reports Online so that you can research a variety of different products, but it’s especially useful when shopping for cars.

To access Consumer Reports, visit and hover your mouse over Research Tools, then click on Resources A-Z (or just go here). Find Consumer Reports in the list and click on it. Click on the green button, then if you’re using the website from outside of the library, input your library account information.

There are many links on the Consumer Reports website. To go directly to the car-related resources, find the section titled “Products Tested in Our Labs” and click on “All Products A-Z.” Under the letter C, select “Cars.”

From here you’ll be able to browse or search for cars. Compare a variety of factors, such as reliability, gas mileage, handling, internal noise, and comfort. Some even offer video of test drives.

If you need assistance accessing Consumer Reports, contact the reference desk at [email protected] or the Tech Desk at [email protected].



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