Please join DeKalb Public Library as we host the traveling exhibit called Voices of Belonging from Friday, June 10th to Friday, June 24th in the Main Lobby.

Voices of Belonging is an interactive audio exhibit that aims to deepen our communiversity understanding of belonging and othering by exploring personal lived experiences of campus and community members, and the insights of local and national belonging thought leaders.  This exhibition illustrates belonging through the recorded, unrehearsed, personal stories of eleven, self-selected and local participants. They were asked to share their understandings and experiences.

The exhibit is meant to be listened to on headphones–people can download the interviews on their phone and listen to them as they walk around.  MP3 players and earbuds can also be provided upon request to interact with the exhibit.

On Monday, June 13th we host a community reception in partnership with Northern Illinois University, the City of DeKalb, WNIJ Northern Public Radio, the DeKalb Area Belonging Council, Target. Where we will discuss the importance of such events as well as provide free snacks to the public.

For additional information, please contact Emily at [email protected] or (815) 756-9568 ext. 1000.

Featured Voices:

“Every community has it challenges… and the only way that we can tackle them or embrace them is to do it together.” – Brad Hoy
“It’s always a little scary… are you going to be embraced? Are you going to be welcomed?” – Aiden and J
“Belonging… it means that you are connected, you have a sense of purpose, and the ability to feel like I am part of a community.”
– Darren and Melody

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