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Virtual Event: Women of Ragtime

Women ragtime composers faced challenges – it wasn’t considered very “ladylike” to write this kind of music, and once they got married, they were expected to give up their career and raise a family. Still, a surprising amount of ragtime ...

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Virtual Event: African American Composers

Black composers were on the forefront of American popular music; ragtime itself was the combination of African syncopation over a European march beat and formed the basis for the development of blues and jazz. Growing up as the children of ...

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Virtual Event: Hits of the Ragtime Era

Pop music comes and goes, but some songs from over 100 years ago are just as fresh in the mind as the day they were written. The Entertainer, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, St. Louis Blues, and Ballin’ the Jack are still ...

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Virtual Concert: Wild Blue Ukulele Orchestra

The Wild Blue Ukulele Orchestra returns to the DeKalb Public Library to perform a virtual showcase of music featuring a full range of ukuleles - from the soprano to the UBass. The fully orchestrated arrangements cover a variety of genres ...

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8 Countries in 1 Day

The DeKalb Public Library hosts an annual event titled “8 Countries in 1 Day” with funds from the Brian D. Slavenas Center of Cross-Cultural Understanding. This event is entirely FREE and open to all members of the public. It provides ...

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