School might be over, but the learning doesn’t have to end! Summer Reading is a great way to continue learning over the summer, and we have thousands of books for you to choose from. Keep your reading skills sharp by reading with us this summer! Reading 10 hours might sound like a lot, but if you read 15 minutes a day you will easily reach your reading goals, and earn reading rewards. This year, our theme for summer reading is Read, Renew, Repeat.

Joining our Summer Reading program is super fast and simple. There are two ways to enroll:

  1. You can sign up in person at the YS reference desk.
    All you have to do is fill out a small registration form for your reader or listener and we will do the rest!
  2. You can sign up through the Beanstack app.
    Go to and follow the prompted steps.

When you register you will receive a lanyard, a lanyard tag (reader or listener), a registration button, a weekly button, bookmarks, a paper log (if you’re using paper), and a flyer with a look at most of our upcoming events. You can sign up at any time for our summer reading program, and once you sign up you are eligible to win prizes and free books for every ten hours of reading that are done from May 22 to August 5.

Don’t miss out on all this Summer Reading fun. Register today!

Click here to download extra reading logs:



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