Let the good times roll!

Our new STEM Kit: Marble Run is fun for many types of builders: young, old, and of course, anyone who has lost their own marbles. (Just kidding!)

This kit contains:

  • One Hape Marble Run kit. It includes 3 spirals, 7 straight pieces, lots of colored blocks, accelerators, and more.
  • Two books to expand the science learning, because a marble run is all about a simple machine: a ramp! Roll, Slope, and Slide and Let’s Find Inclined Planes are both in the kit.
Here is everything in this kit. It’s a lot!

All of those pieces might be overwhelming, but there is an included instruction book that gives you tips and some designs you can build.

Instruction book sample

Here are some of the designs that library staff children enjoyed building. You’ll see it’s over several days, because they all enjoyed this kit!

Dropping a new marble.
Watching the marble go down.
This was a complicated one!

Let’s Find Inclined Planes is a good book to point out all of the places ramps–inclined planes–are all around us!

Roll, Slope, and Slide also helps kids to see how inclined planes are all around us, everyday. Ramps aren’t just for marble runs!

This kit is available in the Youth Services department in the STEM kit area (it’s in the northwest corner of the floor, between the J Fiction and the Story & Activity Room). It checks out for 3 weeks.

Questions? Email Laura at [email protected].

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