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STEM Kit: Hiking

Dec 8, 2022 | Educational Connections, Kids, STEAM Adventures

It’s time to get outdoors and experience the beauty of Northern Illinois! We’ve got a STEM kit designed to help you do that. If your children are like mine, they are always pointing to something outside and saying, “What is that?” This kit will help you find out!

Kit contents

This kit contains:

All of these materials will help you enjoy your time outdoors.


The compass is large and easy to use. Have your kids see if they can figure out which way is east by the sun’s location (rises=east, sets=west), and then they can check their guess by using the compass.

Books in the kit

The books and poster are essential parts of the kit–don’t leave them at home! They are the magic here. When you’re out and wondering, “What kind of tree/flower/bird is that?,” pull out the right book. While not a nature guide, On the Nature Trail is a book of fun hiking activities and craft ideas, so it’s another great hiking companion!

This kit is available in the Youth Services department in the STEM kit area (it’s in the northwest corner of the floor, between the J Fiction and the Story & Activity Room). It checks out for 3 weeks.

Questions? Email Laura at [email protected].



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