We have another new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) kit in the Children’s Department: Earthquakes!

Do you have a child that loves to build? Or maybe your child just loves to knock things down? This kit is perfect for them! It contains an earthquake simulator and blocks of different shapes. Build different types of buildings, and then simulate an earthquake. Can your building hold up if you turn the earthquake intensity to 5?

Not sure what to try? There is a book with suggestions. It helps children think through different types of buildings and what works best.

This kit is fun to do together or alone. You can also challenge each other to see whose buildings last the longest!

This kit contains 2 books so you can learn more about earthquakes.

Jump Into Science: Earthquakes and Earthquakes: An Earthshaking Book on the Science of Plate Tectonics will help your scientist learn more about what earthquakes are.

We hope you enjoy this STEM kit. We have one Earthquakes kit available for a 3 week checkout. Currently, you can find the kit in the adult department in our Library of Things, but soon it will be moving to shelving in the Children’s Department.

If you have any questions about STEM kits, please contact Laura at [email protected].

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