STEM Kit: Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere!

Aug 11, 2021 | Educational Connections, Kids, News, STEAM Adventures

Creepy and crawly… yet beautiful and fascinating! This is Miss Julie here to let you know that if you love bugs, but do not want them crawling around your house, then we have the perfect kit for you. This set consists of twelve real bugs encased in acrylic, a small book detailing information about each bug, and a nice, big magnifying glass so you can inspect the bugs from all sides:

My four year old was fascinated by this kit, and we spent quite a long time inspecting each specimen. And of course, since my son is four, he had to pose with his favorite creepy-crawly… and build a bug train! Choo-choo!

Well, being the science nerd that I am, I couldn’t let him have *all* the fun now, could I? So I grabbed my lenses that I use to turn my phone into a microscope, and I managed to get a bunch of cool images. Some of them are a bit cloudy, but that’s because of the acrylic. It is still pretty cool to see the details up close!

And of course, we have included some books with the kit!

The first one is geared towards older kids, but younger children will love looking at the gorgeous pictures. It is the Ultimate Explorer Field Guide: Insects that is put out by National Geographic Kids. Your young one is bound to find out new and exciting facts about many of the insects that they see every day.

The second books is especially for our younger audience: Bugs: A to Z by Caroline Lawton. This is an adorable A,B,C’s book that has fantastic pictures and interesting, but concise, tidbits of information about each bug. Here’s a peek of the first few pages:

Finally, I found this adorable poem by Tai-Shona Britto entitled, Hey, Little Bug! I thought I’d leave it here for you to enjoy, and I hope you can get out with your little one and play with some bugs, too!



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