LGBTQ+ Romances

Mar 22, 2021

1. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Luc O’Donnell is the son of aging rock stars, when his employers at the charity he works for raise concern about his appearance in the tabloids, Luc asks his friends to help him find a fake boyfriend.  Oliver Blackwood is a rather conservative barrister who needs a fake boyfriend for his parent’s anniversary party.  Despite a date going badly they agree to a fake relationship. The more time they spend fake dating, the more like real dating it seems.

Also available on Overdrive as eBook; Hoopla as eBook and audiobook; and eRead Illinois as eBook

2. Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert

Conrad Steward and Alden Roth are longtime rivals and enemies in the trade card game Odyssey.  Both have a dreams of winning in the national convention games in Las Vegas.
Conrad seems to have it all, but he had to drop out of college when his family disowned him for being gay. Alden is socially awkward brilliant and neurodiverse. To get to the convention they must travel cross country together. AS they travel together they learn to look past their dislike of each other and learn they make a pretty good team, but what happens when they both want to win the tournament?

 Also available on Overdrive as eBook and Hoopla as eBook and audiobook.

3. The Doctor’s Secret by Heidi Cullinan

Dr. Hong-Wei Wu moved to remote Copper Point Wisconsin after his high stress residency left him burned out. He plans to work at as a general surgeon.  He didn’t plan on falling for Simon Lane his new surgical nurse.  The problem is St. Ann’s hospital has a strict no dating policy for staff. Can a romance that must be hidden have a future  or can they change the mind of the administration?

Also available on Overdrive and Hoopla as an eBook, and Hoopla as an audiobook.

4. Fake Dating the Prince by Ashlyn Kane

When Flip (aka His Royal Highness Prince Antoine-Philipe) asks flight attendant Brayden Wood to be his date to a charity ball, Brayden thinks he will get to see how the rich live. Brayden didn’t know he was a prince’s date. Now Prince Flip needs Brayden to pretend to be his boyfriend. Being the only European prince of Indian decent and the only gay prince is hard and when the paparazzi  forces the two to extend their charade and they start sharing a bed can they keep from falling in love?

Also available on Hoopla as an e-book.

5. Inside Edge by Ashlyn Kane

Former NHL hockey player is a commentator on the sports show The Inside Edge.  When the network brings in Aubrey Chase a retired figure skater and spoiled rich playboy as his new cohost, the opposites get off to a rocky start. Nate is recently divorced and resistant to risking his heart on someone who doesn’t take relationships seriously. Nate is everything Aubrey has avoided but can’t resist. They decide to try casual dating but their chemistry keeps building. Will Nate risk his heart again?

Also available on Hoopla as eBook.

6. The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian

In regency England, Lawrence Browne, the Earl of Radnor is believed to be mad.  Georgie Turner is a swindler and con man on the run. Pretending to be a secretary should be easy except the only madness is the desire the men have for each other.

7. Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

In a fresh twist to a royal romance Alex Claremont-Diaz son to the U. S. President Ellen Claremont doesn’t like Prince Henry of Wales, but after an incident at a royal wedding the two must pretend to be best friends to prevent an international incident.  Spending time together they learn that they don’t actually dislike each other, but what happens when it turns to love?

Also available on Overdrive as eBook and audiobook, and Hoopla as an audiobook.

8. Stealing His Heart by Bru Baker

Danny is a werewolf who was raised to believe his wolf was a curse.  Max is a shifter and a new alpha who is also a police detective. Danny doesn’t trust alphas, but he and Max are drawn to each other in a bond neither saw coming.

Also available on Hoopla as e-book.

9. Stick the Landing by Kate McMurray

Jake Mirakovitch is a world class gymnast who chokes in international competitions. Topher Caldwell is a retired figure skater, who is finally getting a chance to become a sports commentator at the Olympics in Madrid. When he interviews Jake they bond over the amount of pressure competing has. Neither needs the distraction that comes from their instant attraction, but neither can stay away.

10. Breaking Down Her Walls by Erin Zak

After a meeting with her birth parents goes badly, Julia Finch goes on an unplanned road trip until her car breaks down in a ton with more cows than people. She takes a job as a ranch hand on the Bennet Ranch.  Elena Bennett is unhappy, hard to deal with and beautiful. Julia falls for Elena, but could Elena care for her when no one ever has?

11. Coyote Blues by Karen F. Williams

Riley is a successful psychotherapist. Twenty years ago Riley lost her virginity to her first love Fiona, and transformed into a were-coyote on the same night.  Her terrified adopted parents sent her away with a trust fund and agreement never to return home. When Fiona comes back into her life as a client struggling to free herself and her daughter from an abusive husband, Riley will do whatever it takes to help them.

12. Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters

Megan and Scarlet were best friend in high school until a misunderstanding ruined it. Now when a high school friend invites them to her wedding in Quebec, they agree to put aside their differences and commit to a weeklong road trip from Florida to Canada. Scarlet who is bi and has had a crush on Megan for years is shocked to learn Megan is attracted to women. Now as the work to rebuild their friendship into the possibility of romance.

Also available on Hoopla as audiobook.

13. Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers

Teddi Baker is a wedding planner who dreads the thought of marriage after a bitter divorce. Leah was Teddi’s ex’s divorce attorney, and longs to settle down.  When Leah’s sister Kelly chooses Teddi to be her wedding planner, can Leah and Teddi work to make Kelly’s wedding perfect, and should they ignore their growing attraction.

14. The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

The widowed Countess of Moth, Catherine St. Day hires Lucy Muchelney to translate her husband’s Groundbreaking astronomy text from French to English.  She never thought she would fall in love with Lucy.

Also available on Hoopla as an eBook.

15. The Secret Ingredient by KD Fisher

The new job as executive chef in Maine is perfect for single mom Adah Campbell. It is a chance to start over far from Chicago. Rival chef Beth Summers didn’t plan on staying in Maine but she honors her commitments. What starts as a rivalry may turn into a romance instead, or is two cooks too many in the kitchen.

16. Someone to Love by Jenny Frame

Davina Trent lives for her work as a divorce lawyer.  She doesn’t believe in marriage. Then her cousin dies and she is the only relative to care for two small children.  Wendy Darling is a nanny hired to care for the children. She wants to show Trent how special family life can be. When love enters the picture can Davina have the courage to believe in Wendy and her surprise family.

17. Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner

When Jo Jones child actress turned writer producer makes her assistant Emma laugh on the red carpet, the tabloids decide they are dating. When Jo and Emma decide that the rumor might not be a wrong but is acting on the attraction worth fanning the gossip?

Also available as an eBook on Overdrive and eRead Illinois.

18. Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

After a blind date goes terribly wrong, complete opposites Darcy Lowell and Elle Jones decide to fake date until the holidays are over to make their families happy. With a signed contract to break up on New Year’s Eve can the growing attraction between them destroy what should be the perfect arrangement?

Also available on Overdrive as an audiobook.



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