Hello, Lego enthusiasts! Miss Julie here, with the August Lego challenge. No, it actually doesn’t have to do with llamas… I just love the Llama, Llama books, and I also love to rhyme. But, this month is all about dioramas!

What is a diorama, you ask?  Well, it is a 3-D model of a scene that can be made from any materials.  Museums use them a lot in their displays. You could pick a scene from a movie, something from history, or even something from your own imaginations.   

Some dioramas are made entirely from legos.  Look at these awesome examples that I found online: 

While those are amazing feats of Lego awesomeness, they aren’t very realistic for most people to make.  Not only do they involve the use of specialized bricks, but they require a *ton* of bricks.  So, I thought that this month, we could make use of the materials we already have on hand at home, and just add some Lego components.  Here are some scenes that my kids and I put together: 

So what do you think?  Are you willing to give this a go?  If you are, take pictures and send them to me with a description, and I will post all of them at the end of the month. I will also award virtual, non-important bonus points to anyone that includes a llama in their build. Send all information to Miss Julie at [email protected]. If you need some ideas, check out our full list of Lego books, available at the DeKalb Public Library, or take a look at these individual titles:

Have fun, Lego Friends! And as always, you can submit any cool builds of any kind that you make to Miss Julie at [email protected].

Just for fun, have any of you ever seen the clip, Me and My Llama from Sesame Street?

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