Library to go fine free on overdue items

Jul 16, 2021 | Adults, Kids, News, Seniors, Teen

The DeKalb Public Library (DKPL) is now fine free on overdue items!  In the interest of increasing access to resources and materials, the library will no longer charge overdue fines for materials checked out at DKPL that are turned in after their due dates.  We will also be clearing any existing overdue fines that on DKPL materials that already exist on DKPL patrons’ library accounts. 

What does this mean for you?

Overdue items

Materials will still have due dates, but patrons will no longer accrue overdue fines on most items that are checked out at DKPL. 

DKPL items that are picked up at other libraries may still accrue overdue fines.  

Lost items

Items that are more than three weeks overdue will be considered lost. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until items are returned and a charge for replacing items will be put on the patron’s account. If the items are returned within six months of their final due date, the replacement fines will be cleared or refunded. Most items can be renewed at least once to extend the length of the borrowing period.

Damaged items

Patrons who return items in a condition which makes them unusable for future patrons will be charged a fee to replace the items. Library staff will determine if the extent of damage makes the items unusable.

Clean slate initiative

Now that we have re-opened to the public, we want to welcome you back to the library!  To encourage everyone to visit we are wiping the slate clean of existing overdue fines for DKPL patrons on DKPL materials.

For more information or questions on this initiative, please contact library director Emily Faulkner at (815) 756-9568 ext. 1000.



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