Hello, my crafty friends! Miss Julie here with another crochet video, which is the first in a several part series. Ultimately we will be making the fun, textured ball that you see in the featured image. I got the pictures and idea from this site, but the original pattern can seem a bit overwhelming if this is your first time making a stuffed toy, so I will break this down for you and tackle specific parts of the project in different videos.

In this video, we are doing the first part of the project that will use the following skills:
* Magic Circle
* Single Crochet

The reason why I chose this project is because it will teach you how to increase stitches when you crochet in the round. So even if you don’t complete the twelve circles that comprise this project, you will still learn valuable crochet skills if you decide to make just a few circles and turn them into coasters for a mug of hot chocolate. This rattle ball is a good step into Project 4 that will come after this series, which will use your stitch increasing skills and then add stitch decreasing to your crafty bag-o-tricks.

As always, if you have any questions, you may contact me, Miss Julie, at [email protected] or through our Facebook page, the DKPL’s Crafty Corner. Happy crafting!



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