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Here’s What a Teen Cosplayer Has to Say

July 28th, 2020
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Local Teen Cosplayer Zoe Miller-O’Dell Answers Our Questions.

  1. Who do you like to cosplay as, from what media are they, and which character is your favorite? I like to cosplay Deku from My Hero Academia (manga, anime, and movies) and Bunny from “Piggy” in Roblox (online game). I like both of them, but I guess Deku is my favorite.
  1. Have you been to any comic cons? If so, tell us something about that. No, I’ve never been to one, but I really want to. I know a few things about them. When you go to one, you can meet the voice actors for the characters in anime, such as My Hero Academia.
  1. What are your other interests? Have you been in any plays? Do you write fanfiction? Reading. I wrote one fanfiction about Bakugou and Deku from My Hero Academia and gave it to my friend. I’m in a play for Stage Coach Players’ virtual theatre camp this week, and I’ve done many plays in the past with the Children’s Community Theatre (CCT) and Stage Coach Players.
  2. What are your future career interests? Cosplayer and YouTuber
  3. What do you do at the DeKalb Public Library? Virtual programs, summer reading, checking out books? I’ve been doing the Tea for Tweens and Uno virtual programs this summer, and I check out Warriors and Wings of Fire books.
  4. What is one thing that you wish to accomplish in your life? I’m saving up to buy the Fantasy AU Deku costume.

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Zoe Miller-O’Dell cosplaying Deku from My Hero Academia and holding her drawing of Jayfeather (also called Jaykit and Jaypaw) from the Warriors: Power of Three book series.