Explore the Cemetery, a Fun Program for Families!

Oct 26, 2020 | Kids, Library & Family Fun, News

You probably drive by cemeteries all the time without giving them a second thought, but have you ever gone inside the gates to explore? Our local resting place, Fairview Park Cemetery, is quite a gem. Its peaceful, winding paths allow for a lovely walk while the clumps of trees provide cool shade and a nice spot to sit. The grave markers are a treasure trove of information about our town’s past, giving up the names, ages, and sometimes some personal information, about the residents who developed this town and walked its streets before us.

The Children’s Department welcomes you and your family to join us at Fairview Cemetery on November 7 at 10 AM to dive into our local history. Miss Julie will have activities for children, from pre-readers to readers alike, and a small craft to participate in. This is not a spooky program, and no ghost stories will be told; rather, we will examine the gravestones for interesting information to answer such questions as, “Who lived exactly 100 years?”, and “Who was born during our nation’s wars?”. Daniel Gallagher from the American Legion Post 66 will also be joining us to help us celebrate our veterans who have gone before us. Even though this is a cemetery and it is not Memorial Day, we can still honor the veterans who have passed away.

For safety reasons, this program is limited to 10 families, so please register. Masks are required, but since the morning will probably be chilly, they will serve a double purpose of keeping faces warm. Social-distancing between family groups will also be expected. Dress for the weather, and wear sturdy shoes… while the grounds are impeccably maintained, mud is always a possibility this time of year. I’m sure I don’t need to remind people, but this is a place of rest, so please talk to your children about treating the grave markers, and their decorations with respect. There is no running in the cemetery. In addition, some of the sculptures are simply magnificent, and while a child’s inclination might be to climb on them, that will not be allowed. However, pictures near and of interesting monuments will be encouraged!

Here is a picture of the cemetery. The pink line is where you should park, and the blue dot is where we will meet:

Just park along the path marked in pink, and meet Miss Julie over by the blue dot.

Just to show you a bit of what’s in store, here are some pictures from the area of the cemetery we will be exploring:

Don’t forget to sign up for this fun and informative event! We hope to see you there!



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