It’s easy for those of us who work at the library to forget that not everyone in our community knows how things work around here. We hope that this helps to clear things up!


Myth #1: You need a library card to use the library.

Truth: While you do need a library card to check out materials and bring them home, you do NOT need a library card to attend any of our events, reserve our study and meeting rooms, use our computer lab and printer, enter our summer reading challenge, or just come in and relax!

Myth #2: You need a DeKalb Library card to check out materials.

Truth: If you have a library card from a nearby community, including Cortland, Genoa, Malta, Sycamore, or over 100 others, you can use your card at the DeKalb Public Library, too!

Myth #3: The library only has books.

Truth: While we do have books, thousands upon thousands of them, in fact, the library has much more than that. Not only things like audiobooks, but also STEM kits, Roku Streaming devices, Chromebooks, Wi-Fi hotspots, a seed library, free and discounted museum passes, and more, all available to take home! And don’t forget about what you can do while you’re visiting the library: free concerts, classes, crafts, performances, and story times, free printing and use of our computer lab, free study rooms, and plenty of space to relax in the A/C on these hot summer days. So, do we have books? Absolutely. And much more!

Myth #4: The DeKalb Public Library is for DeKalb residents only.

Truth: While you do need a DeKalb address to sign up for a DeKalb library card, visitors from near and far (and everywhere in between) are always welcome in our library, and at every event on our calendar.

Myth #5: You need to sign up to come to events at the library.

Truth: Almost all of our programs are open without any advance registration required. (And every single event the library offers is free!) For the very few programs that do require registration, you’re always welcome to ask us for help signing up: call (815) 756-9568 if you ever need help registering for an event on our calendar, or have any questions about our programming.
We know that more of these myths are floating around out there waiting to be busted, so if you’re not sure about how something works at the library, don’t hesitate: ask us! Call (815) 756-9568 with any and all questions.

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