Author Highlight: Eve Bunting

Feb 11, 2024 | Kids, Educational Connections, Library & Family Fun, Reading Romp!

Anne Evelyn Bunting, better known as Eve Bunting, was a Northern Irish-born American writer of more than 250 books!

 Her work covered a broad array of subjects and included fiction and non-fiction books for audiences of all ages.

Eve Bunting grew up in Belfast, North Ireland. In 1958, Bunting immigrated to the United States with her husband and three children, later attending Pasadena City College in 1959.

Her first published story was The Two Giants, and when asked about the story she replied “I thought everybody in the world knew that story, and when I found they didn’t – well, I thought they should.”

From light-hearted humor to heavier themes geared toward children, she left behind a series of books that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Here are some of our favorites. Click on any of the covers to place a hold through our website!



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