Art & Equality

Sep 10, 2020 | Action with Intention, Creative Art Scene, News, Teen

Art is a way to express feelings. Art can change people’s hearts. Art can motivate passionate activism within a community. Join us at the Art & Equality panel for a much-needed discussion about how art can overcome racial inequality. Panelists include Jeff Foster and Stacey Robinson.

Local business owner Jeff Foster feels motivated to provide studio space for young artists of color at his local coffee shop. His daughter, Aria, began painting when George Floyd was killed, and expresses her feelings in her beautiful, mosaic portraits which Jeff proudly hangs in his shop.

Check out the library’s recent interview with Jeff Foster and make sure to stop by his shop in downtown Dekalb.

Artist and Educator Stacey Robinson is the co-founder of Black Kirby, creators of Afrofuturist, Hip Hop-inspired critique of the depictions of black people and their history in comics.

View the library’s recent interview with Stacey Robinson and make sure to check out some of his work.

Hear more from Stacey and Jeff and be involved in this art movement in DeKalb by registering to tune into the Art & Equality panel discussion on October 6.



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