Youth Services Book Lists and Websites

Abraham Lincoln

Find out more about Lincoln our 16th president.

African American Books in Spanish

Check out these books on notable African-Americans found in our Juvenile Spanish/Bilingual collection! Mira estas libros en celebracion del Mes de la Historia Afro-Americano

African American Juvenile Fiction

Journey through some great stories about African American youth.

African American Juvenile Non-Fiction

African American Picture Books

Let your child see his/her face reflected in these stories featuring African American children.


Enjoy some books about the creepy crawlers that roam the earth. These books range from picture books to juvenile nonfiction.

Christian Fiction

The faith based fiction genre is considered one of the most popular genres in the country.

Classics for Young People

Ride through adventure, mystery, and even some horror stories that will remind you again why these books are considered classics.


Find out about the monstrous beasts that wandered our earth millions of years ago!

First and Second Grade Chapter Books

The transition from picture books to chapter books is always a momentous occasion for young readers. Help your children make that transition all the more fun with these suggested titles.

Give a Great Gift

Give a book. Here is a list of really special books to give and enjoy.

Greek Mythology Fiction

Fly into the world of ancient Greece as these authors spice up some of your favorite Greek Myths.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vampire Fiction

Tiptoe into the darkness and encounter some vampires along the way!