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Virtual Workshop: Managing College Costs for Parents

This virtual presentation provides tips on how parents can support their student as he/she searches for the “right fit” college. Topics include knowing the facts about college value, types of colleges and degrees, college visits, financial aid basics, teaching your ...

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Virtual Workshop: College is Possible (Spanish)

Nunca es demasiado temprano para prepararse para la universidad. Esta presentación en línea detalla el proceso para asistir a la universidad y solicitar ayuda financiera. Establece una base para saber qué esperar con el proceso de ir a la universidad. Provee ...

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Virtual Workshop: Trusts 101

Everyone should have a will, but do you also need a trust? The more complex your assets or your beneficiary’s situation, the more likely it is that you do need one! This talk covers the advantages, disadvantages, and intricacies of ...

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Virtual Workshop: Estate Planning 101

Not just for the wealthy, estate planning is essential for everyone—even a bad will is usually better than no will at all. Estate planning involves not only passing on your real estate, personal property, and financial assets to your heirs, but ...

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Virtual Workshop: College is Possible

It is never too early to start planning for college. This virtual presentation outlines the college and financial aid processes in general terms, lays the groundwork for what to expect with the college-going process, and provides tips and tools students ...

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Virtual Presentation: The Financial Aid Process

This virtual presentation outlines the general financial aid process and provides insight on how financial aid works, how to apply for it, student eligibility, and how it can be used to help pay for college. It introduces the Free Application ...

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