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Summer Reading is in the House! June 1st – August 10th, 2020

June 17th, 2020
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It is our favorite time of the year, Summer Reading! We have all the information you need to get signed up in the READSquared program so you can start earning your Summer Reading prizes!

To begin, go to the DeKalb Public Library’s main page and scroll through the banners until you find the Summer Reading banner. When you find it, click “More Information”. It looks like this:

This takes you to our page that has the link (circled in blue) to get to the online ReadSquared program, a link (circled in red) to print out a traditional paper registration if you would prefer to not do Summer Reading online, and it has a quick explanation of the different clubs you can join and the prizes you can earn. As you scroll down the page, you will find additional links to the paper reading logs associated with each reading club.

If you click on READSquared, it will take you to the main signup page. In the slideshow below, I have taken images from the page that highlight what each of the programs are that you can sign up for: 0-3 Year Olds, Listeners (1-5 year olds), Children’s Reading Club (5-12 years old), Teen (12-18 years old), Adult , and Family.

There are a couple of ways to do this if you have multiple people in your household. If everyone is capable of maintaining their own account, then go ahead and sign up individually. In this situation, each family member will have their own login information and would enter only their information into their private account. However, if you are a parent of little kids, or if your older children spend more time waiting for emails to reset forgotten passwords than actually using sites, I will walk you through how to set up a family account. There will be one set of login credentials for the whole family, and parents can easily keep track of their children’s activities. If you are setting up a personal account, go ahead and continue reading; I will put an asterisk next to the instructions that only apply to the Family account.

  1. To begin, go to the top of the page and click on either of the two spots that say, “Register” .

2. That will bring you to this page that gives you the option to just register yourself, your family, or your group. This tutorial will take you through the “Myself and Children” option. If two parents want to do Summer Reading, then one parent should register as an individual while the other parent registers with the kids.

3. Next, you will be asked to verify your age (they just want to make sure that the adult is indeed an adult) and then a popup box will appear that asks you to choose your program.

The Adult registration page:

Skip to step 6 if you are registering just for yourself.

E= READSquared? Einstein loves the Crawly Caterpillar!

4** For those that chose the Family Account, the next page will have you register your child. Select the child’s age, and the program will place the child in the correct program. However, if the child is 1, 2, 3, or 12, a choice of programs will be given in the dropdown menu, as is shown here when I went to register my 3 year old:

5** The following slideshow is set up so you can see most of the next screen, but it is broken into different screenshots.
a. In the first picture, you will see a spot for a library card number. If you, as the adult, prefer to use your own card number for checking out children’s books, then leave this spot blank. There is also a spot for a username for the child. If you prefer to use one username and password for the account, then leave this blank, too.
b. In the second picture, you will see two green buttons that ask if you want book recommendations. The default is to get recs, so if you click on the button thinking that you are enabling recommendations, you will in fact be disabling them. I know, the way the buttons are set up can be confusing. But it will make more sense in the next section when you choose what you want for notifications. Everything is set to “no”, so go through and check what you want and your preferences will change to “yes”.

c. The third picture just shows more of the things you get to choose.

At the end of this page, you will get to choose to add more kids, or continue to the family account.

6. Whether you are an Individual registrant or a Family, your dashboard will look similar. The only difference will be the dropdown menu (circled in red) that is present for a family. Each family member gets their own dashboard where their information is stored, and each of their names is selectable in the dropdown menu. For single registrants or family members, everyone can change their avatar using the icon that I circled in green. Likewise, the icon circled in blue will allow you to change your registration preferences.

7** There is one more thing I want to mention about the family account: When you go to add minutes for a person, even if you have already selected the person’s name in the dropdown menu, you still have to deselect the names that the minutes do not apply to. This can be a bit annoying because it happens every time you log minutes, but it can be really nice if you have multiple children that listened to the same book… just make sure that both of their names are selected and you will only have to add the information once.

As you earn points, you can unlock games to play!

This page displays all of the badges you have earned (in color), and shows your potential badges (black and white).

This graphic keeps track of your progress.

This section provides a list of books that you might find interesting.

This page keeps track of all the books you have read. You can even write reviews!

Now you are all set to enjoy a summer of fun reading! We hope you enjoy READSquared and all it has to offer. Dig Deep, and Read!