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Nine New Children’s Books for You to Enjoy!

September 8th, 2020
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Miss Julie here, and I am so excited to have so many new books here in the children’s department! Since I cannot review each of them individually, I thought perhaps a group announcement would work to let you know what great things have been coming through our doors.

First up… graphic novels! Just in case you were not aware, we have a great graphic novel section full of options that are perfect for the younger readers (denoted by “JI” for juvenile intermediate on the spine) as well as the older readers (denoted by “J” for juvenile). This section faces the study rooms and is perpendicular to the windows in the back. In the list below, I have linked the books to our library database if you would like to put a hold on any of the books.

In this first picture we have:

  1. Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer by Gillian Goerz
    Out of 204 ratings, Goodreads gives this book 4.08 stars and says, “This middle-grade graphic novel for fans of Roller Girl and Smile introduces Jamila and Shirley, two unlikely friends who save each other’s summers while solving their neighborhood’s biggest mysteries.”
  2. Donut the Destroyer by Sarah Graley
    Out of 203 ratings, Goodreads gives this book 3.96 stars and describes it as, “A graphic novel of friendship, family, and what happens when you defy and exceed expectations. Donut (middle name: The; last name: Destroyer) has a heart of gold and incredible strength. She lives in a world where everyone is born with a special ability and can choose whether to develop it for good or evil. Donut has just received the best news of her life — she’s been accepted to Lionheart School for Heroes! But her parents are the most infamous villains around, and her best friend, Ivy, can’t understand why Donut would choose a life of boring heroism and ruin their plans to cause chaos. Donut is determined to prove that, despite her last name, she’s meant to go her own way and be a hero. Meanwhile, Ivy cooks up a plan to get Donut kicked out of Lionheart — and back on track to villainy!”
  3. Becoming Brianna by Terri Libenson
    Out of 722 ratings, Goodreads gives this 4.17 stars and says, “National bestselling author Terri Libenson returns with another endearing, relatable story of friendship and finding confidence. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jennifer L. Holm.
    Middle school is full of challenges.
    Everyone knows how much brainy Bri likes the spotlight (not). So why did she ever agree to something that forces her to learn a new language, give a speech, help organize a party, and juggle drama at school and home?! As the big event inches closer, Bri wonders if it’s all worth it. . . .”
  4. Kerry and the Knight of the Forest by Andi Watson
    With 3.64 stars and 112 ratings, “Kerry might be lost in this fantastical middle-grade graphic novel, but that doesn’t mean he’ll give up! With twists and turns at every part of this journey, Kerry’s adventure is perfect for fans of Amulet and Mighty Jack .”
  5. Yorick and Bones by Jeremy Tankard
    Goodreads gives this one 3.76 stars out of 172 ratings and describes it as such: “Yorick is a skeleton who was just dug up after a few hundred years of sleep. He speaks like it too. “Forsooth, my joy, I barely can contain!” Bones is the hungry dog who did the digging. Though he cannot speak, he can chomp. What will become of these two unlikely companions? Will Yorick ever find the friend he seeks? Will Bones ever find a tasty treat that does not talk back?”

And that is not all! Here’s the rest of our new graphic novels:

6. Trespassers by Breena Bard
If we have any readers here from Chicago, you might get a kick out of this one that Goodreads has given 3.91 stars. “Gabby Woods loves a mystery, but is breaking into an abandoned lake house going too far to uncover the truth? Gabby Woods is looking forward to another summer vacation at her family’s lake house, even though she would rather bury herself in a mystery novel than make new friends. But soon Gabby meets Paige, a snarky kid from Chicago, and they get caught up in a local mystery: the sudden disappearance of a glamorous couple and the extravagant lake house they left behind. To gather clues about the missing couple, Paige coaxes Gabby into trespassing. Though Gabby knows it’s wrong, each sneaky visit to the abandoned lake house uncovers new mysteries. With suspicions mounting about foul play, Gabby must decide what she’s willing to risk to uncover the truth, or if solving this mystery — and keeping her friendship with Paige — are more trouble than they’re worth.”

7. Attack of the Stuff by Jim Benton
With 3.67 stars out of 63 ratings, Goodreads describes this book as, “New York Times bestselling author introduces us to Bill Waddler. Bill is a duck who dreams of being smothered by farting snakes. He also has a special gift. He is able to hear appliances complain. Imagine what toilets would complain about. Bill doesn’t need to imagine. While working as a cash-only hay seller (that doesn’t accept credit cards), Bill doesn’t know that he, and a very confused orange juice sales clerk, are about to save the world. If you could hear this book complain, it would be saying ‘where have you been all my life?'”

8. Sparks! Double Dog Dare, by Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto
This is the seconds book in the series, and Goodreads gives it 4.24 stars and says, “Charlie and August, the two cats that control the mechanical superhero dog, Sparks, are keeping the city safe. But when a second, evil Sparks shows up and starts causing trouble around town, everybody blames the real Sparks. Determined to prove that Sparks is still the hero everyone can count on, Charlie and August set out to uncover the shocking truth about who is responsible for all the chaos.”

9. The Big Break by Mark Tatulli
With 3.80 stars and 112 reviews, Goodreads says, “Andrew and Russ are best friends obsessed with finding the legendary Jersey Devil that supposedly lives in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, right in their own backyards. They’re even making a movie about their desperate search for any sign of the mythical creature. But when Russ starts spending less time on their movie, and more time with artsy, first-chair violinist Tara, Andrew feels the cracks in their friendship begin to form. Suddenly, all of Andrew’s favorite things are too babyish for Russ, and Andrew is left trying to figure out where he belongs without his best friend by his side. Then a rash of Jersey Devil sightings excite their small town, and the boys are thrown back together on a fevered hunt. Can Andrew and Russ put aside their differences for one last chance to find the monster of their dreams, or will the break in their friendship be too big to mend?”

Enjoy! I’ll be back next week with more new books for you to check out!

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