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New Book Arrival: Crows, Genius Birds by Kyla Vanderklugt

September 3rd, 2020
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Hello, again! Miss Julie here to tell you about an amazing new book that my whole family loves: Crows: Genius Birds, by Kyla Vanderklugt. Normally, I would not read a graphic novel aloud because I find it too difficult to convey what is in the pictures to the listener. So, when I went to sit outside to read this book and my three-year-old crawled into my lap and asked to be read to, I begrudgingly agreed. I figured that my son would listen for a few minutes and then would go off to play. To my surprise, he *loved* this book. He asked questions, talked about the pictures, and laughed at some of the funny parts. To my even greater surprise, this book was easy to read aloud. My son had no problem following along with the pictures, and since there were only two characters, it was easy for him to tell who was “speaking” in the pictures. Furthermore, I often caught the rest of my family (husband and two older sons) pausing their activities to listen to the book because it was just that interesting. I honestly cannot wait to read more books in this Science Comics series because if the rest are just as good as this book, I think I have found my new favorite series. If you have any interest at all in animals, I would highly recommend getting this book. The three-year-old insisted on finishing all 112 pages (over the course of three days) and was disappointed when it was finished. Honestly, I was sad to see it end, too, and since finishing this book, we have been watching tons of crow documentaries and going on walks with the hope of spotting some crows. Here is a short video that I hope you enjoy:

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