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Why Libraries? Reason #7

August 7th, 2015
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August 7th, 2015

The library has a wide spectrum of resources for everyone who needs them; from a home-schooling parent to a person putting the genealogical pieces together for their family tree.  Not only are materials in print available but there are also electronic resources like Mango Languages or the World Almanac for Kids.  The DeKalb Public Library has over 20 online resources that can help historians look for information about American Indian History, for example.  Patrons can also look for reading recommendations through our Novelist database.

The new addition to the DeKalb Public Library will have spaces for our Philanthropy Center, the Legal-Self Help Center and much more.  Our librarians get asked over 38,000 reference questions in a single year!  We have the dedicated people who are committed to helping you find the answers to your questions.  Google can refer you to your answers but they don’t have access to the resources we do without an additional cost on your half!

Thank you to our volunteers and library patrons, Ron Klein, Evelina Cichy, Steve Bigolin, and Imelda Koehler!

Click on to see a list of all of our free electronic resources (available to DKPL Patrons)! For more information on the “Why Libraries” campaign visit and click on the “Why Libraries” web banner.  Consider donating to the DeKalb Public Library’s capital campaign.

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