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DVD & Disc Cleaning Service Back

April 25th, 2016
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April 25th, 2016

We are once again offering the use of our disc resurfacing machine to the public for a minimal cost and in good faith!  Patrons who bring in their discs to be cleaned must understand that some discs cannot be restored to their original playing condition.  The DKPL does not guarantee the disc’s playability after the resurfacing process, nor is the DKPL to be held responsible if any pre-existing defects or damages are not cured by the resurfacing process, or if new defects or damages are caused by the resurfacing process.  If the disc owner feels that the disc needs to be cleaned additional times, the disc owner will be required to pay the appropriate fee each time.  Double-sided disc will count as TWO DISCS.

Fees for disc cleaning:    

$2.00 each for 1 to 4 discs
$8.00 for 5 discs (and $2.00 each for additional discs up to 9)
$14.00 for 10 discs (and $2.00 each for additional discs up to 14)

Disc Cleaning Waivers in both English and Spanish are located at the Circulation Desk.  Please ask the staff for a form.  Completed forms and appropriate discs should be given to the Circulation staff.

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