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Personal Enrichment

Self-Guided Walking Tour: College and Augusta Avenues

Self-Guided-walking-tour-4Download College and Augusta Avenues comprise a large portion of the locally designed Ellwood Historic Neighborhood. The area began developing with the opening of Northern Illinois State Normal School (NIU) in the fall of 1899. By the early 1920s, College, Augusta, ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Downtown Oddities

DeKalb-County-Spots-and-Tours-Downtown-odditiesDownload DeKalb Remembering Phineas Vaughan | DeKalb’s foremost Blacksmith was Phineas (Uncle Phin) Vaughan. His freestanding shop was located at 325 East Lincoln Highway. The building was solid stone, and since November of 2008 its original east wall has been visible from ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Barbed Wire Factories

DeKalb-Barbed-Wire-FactoriesDownload Barb Fence Company | 1875 - Located at 128-140 South Second Street, DeKalb. The former Illinois Historic Preservation Agency always considered this factory to be the world’s first barbed wire factory. Isaac Ellwood and Joseph Glidden were partners here until ...

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DeKalb County Tours: Ellwood Family Homes

DeKalb-County-Spots-and-Tours-Ellwood-Family-HomesDownload DeKalb 205 Pine Street, DeKalb | 1857. Well known since its historic preservation crisis in the late 1970s as Gurler House, it started life as an Ellwood Family home. Ellzey and Alida Ellwood Young were its original owners. They chose Midwest ...

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