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Announcing Science Storytime!

May 1st, 2020
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Hi everyone! Miss Julie here. I am going to try something new: storytime for older kids! For the month of May, I am picking the book Andrew Lost on the Dog by J.C. Greenburg. It is a great book about a boy named Andrew, his cousin Judy, and his robot, Thud. They go on some great adventures when Andrew’s shrinking machine backfires and shrinks both kids and the robot. Here’s a picture of the book cover:

In each video, I will read a few chapters, talk a bit about the science, and then do a related experiment or demo. These videos will not be events, which means you can come to this site, click on the words, “Science Storytime” at the top of the page, and watch it anytime after I release it.

In the first installment, I will read chapters 1 and 2 and discuss the the possibility of shrinking people. We will then explore some household objects and see what we can shrink, and then we will make a simple circuit so we can make our own little robots!

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