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Announcing a New Facebook Crafting Group for Kids!

August 28th, 2020
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Art! Crafts! Fun, oh my! For the past few months, we have had take-and-go craft projects available for the kids who come into the children’s department. While this will continue, we want to expand our crafty services to include things that you can do at home with things that you might have around your house. To allow us to have live streaming crafting capabilities, we have created DKPL’s Crafty Corner. It is a private Facebook group, so you will have to request to join, but once you are in, the fun begins! Twice per month, Miss Julie will live stream special craft tutorials for you to follow along and do from home. They will probably last about 20 minutes, but since this is live and not pre-recorded, the time to complete each craft may vary.

The first live craft session will be Thursday, September 3 at 3 PM and we will make this cute turtle:

To do this project you will need:

  • markers or crayons
  • hot glue OR three twist ties OR an adult that can help you fix the body of the turtle with yarn
  • three popsicle sticks OR three strips of cardboard that are cut to approximately popsicle stick size
  • yarn OR an old t-shirt OR an old rag that you can cut into one continuous, thin strip (please ask permission first before cutting up clothes or rags!)

The second live craft session will be Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, and we will make these 3D elephants:

To make these elephants you will need:

  • the elephant template that is in PDF format below this list
  • paper to print the PDF on. It can be any color you wish. Cardstock works best.
  • markers to draw on the mouth and eyes
  • scissors, and possibly adult help to cut a slit for the ears
  • paper to make the ears. You can use any paper you like, but paper that is easy to crease, like printer paper or wrapping paper, works best. In the picture above, I used a full sheet of printer paper for each elephant.
  • scrap paper to make tusks
  • If you are extra crafty, you may want to use material or paper to make a blanket to go over your elephant’s back, but that is not necessary to complete this craft.

We hope you can craft with us in September, and remember to join us on Facebook.