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A Word (or Several) About How Lego Club Will Work Until the Library Re-opens

May 1st, 2020
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Hello, Lego families! Miss Julie here, and boy, do I miss seeing all of you! I have a few ideas that hopefully will help us to connect while social distancing is still in effect. Here is an outline of what I have planned:

  • Lego Club will not just be for Legos. Not all kids have Legos at home, but most kids should be able to participate in the challenges that are issued with something that they have. In fact, I will eventually change the online name of this club from Lego Club to Builder’s Club, but I wanted to start with what you were used to. That said, use what you have to complete the challenges. All building sets are welcome here.
  • In an effort to make this online Club *feel* like Lego Club, I will issue challenges or themes twice a month. At any point after you have completed a challenge, you may take a photo and have a parent submit it to me through my email: [email protected] . In the body of your email please include the following information:
    • First Name
    • Age
    • Indicate which theme you are submitting a photo for
    • Give your build a title or description if you wish.
      To be clear, you may submit a non-theme build at anytime. I will have a special gallery for general submissions. But the themes are there to help get your creativity flowing. If you are scrolling through the site in July and realize you missed a fun challenge from May or June, no worries! Just submit your build with the proper information, and I will update the galleries appropriately. So use my prompts if you wish, or just do your own thing… regardless, I’d love to see what you come up with!
  • At the end of a theme period (which will generally last for two weeks), I will hold a Zoom meeting so kids can show off what they have done. I want these meetings to be fun and comfortable for kids, so I am starting out with a few rules. Since I have never done this before, I may revise these rules as necessary, but here is how we will start:
  • The Zoom meetings will be limited to six kids. I want the kids to be able to talk freely with each other and I do not want to have to fuss with muting and unmuting people. However, since large groups can get chaotic, I want to start with six kids. There will be a signup through the library’s event page starting when the theme is announced. I will then send you a reminder and any information you need for the meeting a day or two ahead of time.
  • Zoom meetings will be cancelled if there are not at least two kids, or child and their adult present. Due to Child Safety protocols, I will not be able to run any one-on-one Zoom meetings with kids. So parents, please stick around at the beginning of the meeting to make sure that multiple people show up, because even if your child has the coolest build ever, I won’t be able to chat with him or her if no one else is present. Thank you for understanding!
  • If the Zoom meetings are popular, I might add a few more meetings so that more kids can participate. The only way I will know if kids are missing out, though, is if you tell me. So, if you are not able to get a spot, please have your adult email me at [email protected] and let me know. If I get enough responses, I’ll go ahead and add more meeting times.
  • Zoom participants should be dressed appropriately, have a nametag so that everyone will know who you are, come ready with whatever build you are going to share with the group, and be settled in a comfortable area. Let’s look at some Zoom members:

Notice that you cannot read Alfie’s name tag, and Beaker doesn’t look very comfortable. Bev looks like she is having fun outside, but the wind is probably going to make the audio messy for the rest of the Zoomers. Nikola looks the most comfortable and the best able to have fun during the meeting.

This is a work in progress, so please feel free to send me feedback because I am absolutely open to suggestions. I would like to make this into a vibrant community full of creativity, friends, and fun, but I will need your help to do that!

See you soon!

~Miss Julie

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