The DeKalb Public Library is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability through the following initiatives.


In 2001, the public bathrooms were remodeled and low flow faucets were installed as a means of water conservation.
All hot waters heaters were converted to small immediate use water heaters.


The Library received a grant in 2002 from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to upgrade the lighting in the Haish Memorial Library building. This project resulted in showing a savings of 11,400 watts per year in energy usage for the Library.
In 2005, the Library undertook the repair and replacement of all its windows in order to further conserve energy required for the heating and cooling of the building. The results of dollar savings have been dramatic.

Paper, Chemicals & Fertilizer:

All the cleaning products used by the library are either Ecolog or Green Seal certified. All paper products not expended for office-use are a 100% recycled. All old newspapers are donated to TAILS for lining sheltered animal cages. The Salt used for clearing the sidewalks during the winter is an eco-friendly ice-melt, and no pesticides or insecticides are used on the Library gardens.


The Go Green @ Your Library initiative began at the DeKalb Public Library in 2007. In seeking ways to become greener, the Library increased its collection of materials related to the green movement and purchased recycling bins for all public and staff areas. The Library takes part in the annual Electronic recycling hosted by both NIU and DeKalb County.


For those in our community who are ecologically minded, bicycle racks are located near the entrance, in the alleyway, and in the remote parking lot.