How do I find children's award books?

Go to the Children’s Book Award List. You can also access it from the Children page. This will bring you to a page listing a variety of awards.

Explore the various lists available. Some awards are for the writing, and some are for the illustrations. Others focus on a particular age or ethnic group.

There are children’s choice awards for the state of Illinois, as well as national awards.

How do I register for children's programs?

The majority of children’s programs are walk-in, and you do not need to register in advance.

For programs requiring registration, you may register on the event’s webpage, in person at the Youth Desk, by phone at 815-756-9568 ext 3350, or by e-mailing Reference Desk at dkplref@dkpl.org. Reference will forward your information to the Youth Department.


How do I get help with reading, math, and other skills?

Go To Learning Express Library. Learning Express Library offers practice tests, exercises, and skill-building courses for a variety of age levels. You can also access this link through our Online Databases, listed on the right sidebar.

For educational games focusing on reading, math, and various other skills, check out our local educational links.

You can also access the educational games by clicking on the Children tab on the left side of the Home page. Then click on Local and Other Links of Interest. A variety of links will appear. The links are roughly grouped into categories. Under the heading “Educational” there are various educational games focusing on reading and math, and other various skills.

How do I use my Lexile reading score?

Visit www.lexile.com. (This site is not affiliated with the DeKalb Public Library or District 428.) Type in the score you received from your teacher. This will bring up a list of books on your reading level. Many of them will be available at the library.

How do I get a teacher loan?

Teachers are eligible for a six-week special loan period for classroom materials. Before you begin checking out your materials, inform the desk staff that you would like a teacher loan. Staff will alter the due date in the computer, so that instead of the usual three-week-loan, you will receive a six-week teacher loan. There is no fee for this service.

How do I get a teacher card?

Teachers in District 428 who reside outside DeKalb city limits, and DO NOT qualify for a reciprocal borrowing card, may request a teacher courtesy card. Public, private, nursery, and daycare teachers may be eligible. There is no fee for this service.

Bring in your photo ID name tag with a current date and the name of the school/daycare, OR bring in a letter (on school/daycare letterhead) from the school principal or head of the daycare stating teacher is currently employed there (along with photo ID).

You will also need to bring in proof of your home address.

The teacher card is valid for 1 year, and is kept on file at the Youth Services desk. You must show photo ID when checking out.

There are some restrictions. The card may only be used at the DeKalb Public Library. The card is for classroom materials ONLY, not for personal use.

How do I get materials pulled for my classroom?

Call or come in to the Youth Department. Let staff know the age/grade level, topic, and number of items you would like. Inform staff when you would like to pick up the material. Please allow a couple of days for staff to locate the material. When you come in to pick up the items, you may sort through, and leave anything you believe will not suit your needs.

How do I ensure the safety of my children at the library?

The library is a public place. The best way to safeguard children is to stay with them at all times while in the library. Library policy requires children under age 7 to be accompanied and directly supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

As another measure of safety, all children, including toddlers, are required to wear shoes while visiting the library.

If your child is alone at the library at closing time, it is library policy that two staff members wait with the child for up to 15 minutes after closing for a ride to arrive. Fifteen minutes after closing, if the child has not been picked up, library staff notifies the police department. Both library staff members wait with the child in a visible area for the police to arrive. At that time police take custody of the child.