Board Resolution 2007

The DeKalb Public Library, as the cornerstone of a growing and dynamic community, provides easily accessible information and a welcoming environment to all its patrons. In order to extend this standard of service, the Library’s Board of Trustees has resolved unanimously to expand and improve the Library’s services and facilities. To this end, the Board has hired two consulting firms, both of which recommend that the Library’s physical space be increased from 19,000 to 60,000 square feet. The Board of Trustees will continue to explore all available options for increasing the Library’s holdings, programming initiatives, and physical space.

January 10th, 2007

Historical Library Board of Directors’ Statement

This historical DeKalb Public Library Board of Directors’ statement is believed to date from 1913. It includes a brief history of the Library and the date when the DeKalb City Council first levied a tax for library and purposes. Click here to view the document.

Property Information

To view the DeKalb Public Library’s Tax Bill information for 2010, click here.

The Haish Memorial Library stands on a 156 x 132 feet lot. Click on the icons below to view the original property deeds.

deed1 deed2

Establishing the Need for an Expanded Library Building

The need for growth at the library can be established through statistics and articles.
For the Expanded version, click here.
For the Condensed version, click here.

Space Studies

Anders Space Studies
FGM Space Studies
BCA Space Studies

Preliminary Site Plan

Click here to see the preliminary site plan produced by Nagle Hartray Architects. These are measures that are undertaken in very early stages of planning. This plan does not contain any design elements, any main door decisions or any landscaping plans. If the DeKalb City Council passes the inter-governmental development agreement on November 14th, the library takes the next step in its planning phase. There would be public forums, meetings, focus-groups, etc. to start the creation of expanding our library, including the design plans listed above. The times and locations of these forums, meetings, etc. will be decided on and announced after the November 14th meeting.

Traffic Study

The purpose of the traffic study is to assess the impact of the proposed expansion and closing of 3rd Street. It also serves to determine if any improvements are necessary to accommodate the traffic generated by the expansion and closing. Click here to view the traffic study prepared by Kenig, Lindgren, O’Hare, Aboona, Inc.

New Property Information

In order to view the Intergovernmental Development Agreement between the City of DeKalb and the DeKalb Public Library, click here.

In order to view the Agreement to Purchase Vacant land, click here.

Building Program

Our building program is a detailed statement of all the spaces the library would need in an expanded or new library building, including the contents of each space and its location in relation to the other spaces in the library. Building programs are designed to help architects develop floor plans that provide required spaces