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Art Corner for Teens

August 30th, 2020
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Art is a great way to express yourself.  An outlet if you don’t have one.  Some people listen to or make music, some people write or read and others draw to give themselves that creative outlet or just to take their minds off of their surroundings or the world.  I myself enjoy listening to music, reading and art.  I haven’t really been able to keep up with my drawings lately.  So, I’ve decided to start back and include the teens or whomever chooses to complete these challenges.  Every week I will upload a picture and challenge you to finish it.  For instance, if I draw a tree near a bench in an open space the challenge to you is to finish the drawing and email it to me.  I will post your art with your name or anonymously if you prefer. This should be fun, happy drawing.

Send your drawings to the following email address to be uploaded anonymously or named, your choice.